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January 29


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:new:wow iv  over night iv had aload of people waning to join (where did you guys come from haha) so im coing to be extending it 1 more month if you need longer just say happy to help ^^:new:
To kick things of with my all new fyndavra island role play we are inviting you over to join us for a ride all breeds are welcome fantasy or realistic we will pay for your crew and horses to join us here on this beautiful island.
Fyndarva trek 2014 by EdithSparrow
This show will take place over 10 days and you can chose to pick ether the beginner pink trek(50 miles) or the advanced Yellow trek(150 miles) depending on your horses skill.The trek is over all types of terrain we ride through grassy meadows high mountains and snow filled plains so please pack warm clothing for both you and your horse.
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Pink The trek will start in the town of Northwood and we will begin our trek riding through the town across farms and grassy meadows.
Medieval 42 - street in medieval town by Momotte2stocksPlace 324 - paved street in red light district by Momotte2stocksWestern Town by BlankStock
Bullet; Yellow When crossing the meadow you may see fern trees from forests and the mountains
Bullet; Pink When crossing the meadow you will see a lot of fern trees as you approach the forest there may also be the odd slab of stone with gems in it it is a mining area.
please remember that it is winter and there will be now flowers and the closer you may get patches of snow.
You may see a pack of Bilstiem beware of these they will charge after you 

Bilchsiem by EdithSparrow
We fucked up by EdithSparrow
meadow by Hrivalasse-stockMountain Meadow 1 by SalsolaStockAlpine Meadow Background by AustriaAngloAlliance
Bullet; Yellow This time of year 80% of the mountains are covered in snow.There may be places where you can see gold running though the rocks as well as jems and jewels in the rocks.
Mountains 3 by SergibaCloudy Alps by BurtnMountains 5 by prints-of-stock
Bullet; Pink Bullet; Yellow The forest is full of magical creatures you may be lucky enough to see some! Fairies centors unicorns and Kelpies all make this forest their home you may even be unlucky enough to spot some bilstiem but please keep down wind from them they will charge.
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Pink There are a lot of hidden springs and water falls that you may find on your journey. 
Bullet; YellowBullet; Pink  There will be snow on the edges of the forest with long icicles that hand from places.
Dawn pine by RoB-FranKsDadForest Riverscape by BurtnThe Forest Whispers Golden Stock by Temperate-Sage
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Pink The river is different thicknesses it depends on your crossing places you may also find some small bridges to cross but the water is shallow enough to ride through.
Places of the river may be frozen 
Bullet; Red Bullet; Black Bullet; Red Bullet; Black WARNING IF YOU SEE ANY MERMAIDS OR KELPIE PLEASE KEEP WELL AWAY THEY WILL KILLBullet; Red Bullet; Black Bullet; Red Bullet; Black 
Meadow by bleu-claire-stockA Place At The River by BurtnSurprise Stock: Virgin River at Zion National Park by SenshiStock
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Pink Some places of the Slivermount are deserted and all you can see for miles is snow and ice but others you fill get large trees or mountains 
you may spot the odd yetti 
Snow and Clouds by deadeye-stockSnow stock 001 by SnaffledChestnutSnow Scene 10 by SalsolaStock
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Pink Bullet; YellowAlways under snow just a towny town really 
Snowy South Estonia STOCK by SiljaErgSTOCKWinter in McMinnville 4 by randomflashbangSnow Stock 096 by Malleni-Stock

These places look good for you? well now heres the rules


Bullet; Black Any type of horse is allowed to enter but there will be no flying or teleportation skills wings are aloud but please dont use them.
Bullet; Black You only need to do ONE image for the entry you may do others but pleases its about quality not quantity 
Bullet; Black Horse must be over the age of 5
Bullet; Black Rider must be over the age of 18
Bullet; Black If you are choosing the yellow track please link me to ether 3 training images made for this show or a placing in a past endurance show (5th or above)
Bullet; Black A story of over 200 is required 
Bullet; Black Art will be jugded on effort not skill
Bullet; Black You dont need training but it would be nice 
Bullet; Black you can draw your horse in any pace
Bullet; Black Its a long trek so please wrap up warm and use comfy tack
Bullet; Black you may include others in the background of your image you get bonus points for doing so

Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Black Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Black Please fill out this form if you plan on entering Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Black Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Black 
Horse name:
Horse link:
Horse age:
Riders name:
Riders age:
Trek colour: Pink(beginner) Yellow (advanced)


A winners picture of your horse and rider
a 2nd gen Fyndavra import (Einmyria or Bassi line)
750 :points:
a rosette (to be designed)

A portrait of your horse and rider
a 2nd gen fyndrava import (Esia or Alff line)
500 :points:
a rosette (to be designed)

a portrait of your horse 
a 2nd gen fyn (Poly line)
250 :points:
a rosette (to be designed)

 Every one will get a rosette for taking part



Splash of Colour by Rhith


Watch Your Step! by Sashafras


Astrid and aurora The Big Fyndavra Endurance Ride by theliondemon-kaimra


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theliondemon-kaimra Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
yay thank you and i am even really happy to get third XD only time i have got a place with one of my horses 
Rhith Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Woo! Thank you :la:
'Grats to everyone ^^
Sashafras Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
*reminder post~*
EdithSparrow Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Student General Artist
judged srry for the wait just life getting in the way
Sashafras Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Oh! that is no problem. I know you have your hands full with shedus and stuff too ^^ if you need any help just give me a poke
Sashafras Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
is...this a go now?
EdithSparrow Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Student General Artist
Sorry i have been busy with exams and will be for a few more weeks.Please be patient 
Sashafras Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
ahh right, school @_@. Best of luck!!
EdithSparrow Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Student General Artist
its college and sucks XD
Sashafras Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
you shoould put that on a t shirt i think~
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